Who can take part?

This competition is open to kids aged 6-13

When does the competition open?

The competition officially opens Monday 12th September 2016.

When do I have to get my entries to Cartoon Network?

All entries must be submitted by midnight on Wednesday 30th November 2016. Unfortunately we won’t be able to consider any creations received after this date.

When will the winners be announced?

A special judging panel will be brought together within three weeks of the competition closing date and winners will be revealed shortly thereafter.

What do I need to do to enter?

First you need to create your own character drawing, story/storyboard, or video/animation. You can take inspiration from Cartoon Network Imagination Studios and from the gallery of entries we’ve received so far – but your entries should be your own original creations. Simply send them our way by uploading them directly on the site and include your name and age, and a signed permission slip from your parent/legal guardian if you are submitting a video [include link to printable permission slip]. [see: How do I send you my work; Do I need permission]

Does that mean I can’t send in my drawings of Cartoon Network characters?

Unfortunately we won’t be able to consider entries featuring existing Cartoon Network characters, but we know that kids have so many of their own amazing and original ideas! Once the competition is closed however, you will be able to add your drawings of Cartoon Network characters to the Fan Art wall that appears.

How long can my video/animation be?

Only entries of 2 minutes or under can be considered for the video/ animation category of the competition. This can be a short video, animation or a mixture of the two. This time frame must include any credits you wish to add. It is advisable to keep credits to a minimum to avoid losing time for your video content.

How many people can be shown in a video?

If you are submitting a live action video and want to show people, you may feature as many people as you wish, however for each person that appears we will need a media form release signed by his/her parent/legal guardian (if the person is under 18) or by him/herself (if the person shown is over 18).

What if I want to add music to my video/animation?

We can only accept videos that contain original or royalty free music. To be safe you can use some of the music files we have provided for you in the Music Tool Kit.

How many entries can be submitted from one school or individual?

There is no limit! We would love you to enter as many times as you wish and for everyone in your school to have the opportunity to be involved.

What equipment should I use to make my video/animation?

You could use anything from a camcorder to a mobile phone. It’s the fantastic content that we will be looking for!

How do I send you my work?

There are special sections on the site for each category. Here are the links for each:

Character maker:

Storyboard section:

Video/animation section:

Please remember to submit them no later than midnight on Monday 31st October 2016.

Do I need permission?

Yes, your parent or legal guardian should check the terms and conditions and authorise your entry for the character and storyboard categories. For the video/animation they need to fill in the media consent form in order to allow us to take your creation into consideration. Again, when submitting your video, make sure you have a media consent form for all the people in your film (see the media consent form on the animation/ film section) – otherwise we won’t be able to put it on our website or be able to consider it in the competition.

Is there anywhere I can get some examples to inspire me?

Yes, you can visit our Cartoon Network Imagination Studios site, which is full of useful tips that can help you with your own creations. Please note these are optional and you are not required to use them.

What can my video/animation be?

  • A documentary
  • A song
  • A drama
  • An animation
  • A rap
  • A news report

Before you start a video/animation it is always useful to think about your story, what are your characters going to say, the backgrounds, the decoration and so on. Please use the Cartoon Network Imagination Studios site for inspiration. It is full of useful tips that can help you with your video/animation.

If you have any additional questions please email us at contact@cartoonnetork.co.uk